Traveling: Definition, Benefits, Traveling Tips

Surely many of you like/have a hobby of traveling to a place that is your destination for “refreshing” to see the beauty of God’s extraordinary creation. Hobby of traveling is often done by everyone, especially young people like me.

You can search for destinations for traveling via Google, Instagram (there are viral places), Facebook, and other sites. There are also travel applications that are currently being used by many people to buy hotel, plane, train tickets, including: Traveloka, PegiPegi, Agoda, and other travel applications.

In Indonesia, there is one place that is the main destination for residents, even tourists, what is that? Yep, Bali is an island that has many beaches with exotic views, because many foreigners come to Bali while banning on the beach or enjoying food and culture in Bali.

But actually Indonesia has a variety of destinations that you must visit, because Indonesia is an archipelago and there are definitely hidden destinations with “very valuable” views and places like “treasures” for Indonesia.

So, this time, we will review the ins and outs of traveling, starting from: understanding, benefits, to useful tips for you. What’s the tip? Let’s find out.

Definition of Travel

What is traveling? Traveling is the activity of visiting a destination or tourist destination (holidays/holidays) as well as knowing new places and interacting with surrounding objects, such as: plants, animals, people. So we as actors who travel are called travelers.

Traveling can also be used as a hobby because it is a fun activity to go around town, enjoy traditional food, climb mountains, and enjoy sunsets on indie beaches.

The hobby of traveling is also used by today’s children for selfies, or just taking photos of objects which are then shared using social media, such as: Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. So social media also helps tourist attractions to be more famous and which were previously quiet to become crowded and helps the economy around those tourist attractions as well.

Travel Benefits

What’s the point of traveling? The benefits of traveling are many and not just for fun, there are other benefits. One of them we can know a place that we have not visited before. What else besides that? Curious, let’s read.

1. Make new friends

When we travel somewhere, of course we meet people who are strangers to us, especially for solo travelers, we definitely need friends to just chat. Now that’s what makes us want to socialize and turn people we consider “foreigners” into friends and even girlfriends.

2. Learn a new culture

When traveling we can also learn directly about the culture of the local people who are there. We can learn about the customs, starting from: history, souvenirs, buildings, and much more. Being a traveler doesn’t just take photos or take a walk because we can get knowledge and insight too.

3. Become a person who quickly adapts

Indeed, those of us who often travel must experience a different atmosphere, and sometimes things don’t go according to our wishes or conditions that require us to adjust. If we are able to adapt well, it will help us enjoy an uncertain life and we will automatically learn to be individuals who can adapt to any environment. It is very useful in living our life.

4. Relieves stress

Traveling is often done to just take a break from busy work which can relieve stress, fatigue, dizziness. Because when traveling we see green scenery, rustling air, fresh air because that is what can increase our moodbooster and improve our psychology.

5. Get lots of inspiration

Inspiration comes when the mind is clear and calm, traveling is one way you can do it. Maybe when you are on vacation or traveling you see something that can be used as inspiration later.

6. Increase confidence

Traveling to a new place and you have never been there before, you will feel a sense of independence, responsibility, freedom in every challenge. If you successfully complete the challenge, it will become your experience capital on other trips and you will automatically feel more confident.

7. Sharpen communication (interpersonal)

When we travel, meeting new people will challenge us to have the courage to speak or communicate with the people we will meet. If you take advantage of this, later it will be easier for you to talk to strangers you just met, for example: when you want to ask around, ask for places to eat, and so on.

8. Views and minds are more open

When we experience a new situation, meet new people, a new environment when traveling it will increase your “view” to be more open and also make us understand more about what we are experiencing with an open mind.

Traveling hobby that can earn income

Maybe for those of you who like to travel but want to have income, so it’s not just traveling. Here are job recommendations that are suitable for those of you who like to travel. What are you doing? Check below.

1. Tour Guide

Tour Guide or tour guide is a type of job whose job is to provide assistance, information, instructions about objects, and assist tourist needs. In Indonesia, to be able to become a tour guide, you must take a certificate from the HPI (Indonesian Tour Guide Association) which has spread across various regions in Indonesia.

2. Photographer

Instead of just storing the photos until they become moldy, who knows your photos are works that sell. So, if you like taking panoramic photos of objects, animals or plants when traveling, you can become a photographer. Try not to take photos at random either, but have “artistic value”. The photos can cost millions. There are several sites where buying and selling images, one of which is Shutterstock. Try it, who knows your passion is there.

3. Travel Agents

If there was a tour guide before, now there is a job opportunity as a travel agent which is perfect for those of you who like to travel. If you have previously worked as a tour guide, you can develop the knowledge and experience of a tour guide by trying to open a travel agent business. A travel agent is a tour provider, of course, you have to know everything about traveling. So this is an opportunity for those of you who like traveling.

4. Travel Writer

Travel writer is a job that reviews information on tourist destinations, starting from: accommodation (cost), transportation, culinary, to things that happen during the trip (travel experience). This written review is included in a personal blog by adding self-shot photos to beautify the article. If the article is visited a lot, usually the author gets money from the advertisements posted. So, for those of you who like to write, there’s nothing wrong with trying it.

Difference between Traveling and Vacation

What is the difference between traveling and vacation? Traveling and vacations at first glance have no difference, in fact the activities carried out are the same, namely traveling/travelling. However, there are actually differences between the two that you may not know about. Here it is the difference:

1. Differences in Purpose

Traveling and vacation actually have different purposes. Holidays are definitely the goal of looking for entertainment/fun, releasing boredom. Also sometimes vacation with family and to a special vacation spot, one of which is the zoo. Meanwhile, traveling does not only relieve fatigue/boring, but also seeks inspiration, finds identity, and can be done while working.

2. Time Difference

The difference between these two is about time. If a holiday is usually done on a holiday/red date because it’s called a holiday, then it’s done on a holiday, not a working day. Meanwhile, traveling can be done at any time, without having to wait for holidays according to our wishes. That’s great.

3. Accommodation Differences

Expenditures (accommodation) on holidays and traveling are different. When vacation accommodation is issued for things that are fun, fast, uncomplicated, and convenience. One example of spending on vacation, namely: staying at a 5-star hotel. If traveling, the accommodation that is spent is normal (as necessary). Therefore spending on vacation is much greater than traveling.

4. Differences in Preserving Memories

This last difference is about how to capture moments/memories at a destination. If on vacation, many people capture the moment by taking pictures, if they are alone they usually take selfies or if they are with their family, they take photos together with the background of “iconic” objects there. Meanwhile, when traveling, they usually prefer to write moments into stories/articles and discuss more about their travel experiences.

Efficient Traveling Packing Tips

Before you travel somewhere, you must prepare the items to bring, such as: personal equipment, camera, charger, power bank and it takes quite a long time and sometimes you are confused about what items to bring. So, instead of being confused, it’s better to read packing tips so you don’t get confused anymore. Check below.

1. Make a List of Items to Bring

The first thing you have to do is make a list of items to bring so you don’t get confused which will take a lot of time. Also make sure you know the items that you will need later when traveling and bring enough items so that they are not heavy when carrying them.

2. Select and Arrange Prioritized Items

Organizing items is also important when traveling so you don’t have trouble finding items in your backpack. So, how do you arrange it, make sure the items that you really prioritize, such as: clothes, toiletries are positioned above as much as possible so that you can easily pick them up and save time.

3. Group the Items You Bring

Make sure your backpack has lots of pockets to store different types of items. So, then group your items according to their use, consisting of: clothes, toiletries, electronic goods, etc. As much as possible 1 category of goods in 1 backpack pocket, so they are not mixed up and it is easy to find them.

4. Bring a Small Bag For Frequently Used Items

Apart from backpacks for carrying things when traveling, don’t forget to bring a small bag too. This small bag can be filled with things that you often use, for example: smartphones, wallets, tickets, and other things. Having a small bag makes it easier for you without having to disassemble the backpack.

5. Roll Clothes To Save Backpack Space

Usually when we put clothes in a backpack by piling up, even though that way will make the backpack look full which other things should still be able to add. Because it’s not wrong if we roll clothes one by one. Besides being able to save space, it’s also easy to organize, tidier, and easy to pick up if needed.

So, how about the traveling article? Hopefully useful for you and don’t forget to share with your friends.


Well, that’s about the meaning of traveling, the benefits of traveling, and traveling tips for you.

Hopefully this article is useful for you.

If you still have questions, you can leave questions in the comments column.

Hopefully you can travel according to your wishes wherever you want to go and want.

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