The Meaning of Traveling: Complete Definition, Benefits, and the Difference from Holiday

Traveling is indeed one of the activities that is currently being carried out. Even traveling itself becomes a lifestyle for some people. The meaning of traveling itself in Indonesian is a walk or vacation. In this article, we will discuss a little about the meaning of traveling.

The word traveling itself is almost similar to vacation, but only slightly different. We will also discuss the difference between traveling and holiday in the following article. Apart from that, you can also find out the benefits of traveling that might affect your life.

Travel Meaning

As previously explained, the meaning of traveling in Indonesian is an activity in the form of a trip or vacation. But in general, the meaning of traveling itself is the movement of people between distant geographic locations.

Travel can be done either by foot, bicycle, car, train, boat, bus, plane, ship or other means, with or without luggage. Trips may also include relatively short stops between continuous movements.

However, at this time the word traveling itself is also used as a trip or vacation activity that someone does. Traveling can be an activity of visiting a destination or destination for tourism, as well as knowing new places and interacting with surrounding objects such as plants, animals and people.

The difference between Traveling and Holiday

If you know the meaning of traveling, of course you will think that what is the difference between traveling and a holiday. Yes, it turns out there is a difference between these two words. For example, the difference in time between traveling and also a holiday. If the holiday is done during the weekend, while traveling can be done at any time, it doesn’t need to be on weekends or weekends.

Furthermore, the difference between traveling and a holiday is the difference in terms of your goals. If a vacation or holiday aims to find pleasure, release all the stress by visiting mainstream places that are often visited by people for vacation. While traveling is not only aimed at finding inspiration or just having fun.

Traveling itself can be a hobby or someone’s experience in exploring new places. Apart from that, usually traveling also has a purpose, for example you want to be someone who helps by traveling in various regions. It can also be called someone who is doing traveling activities.

Benefits of Traveling

Of course, this traveling activity has its benefits. Even though it seems like just having fun, traveling itself has many benefits. And here are the benefits of traveling itself:

1. Learn a New Culture

Yes, someone who travels doesn’t only do it in a short time. However, they did it for a long time. When doing this activity, someone who travels to various places will definitely get a lot of new experiences, one of which is learning the culture in that environment.

2. Become a Quick Adapting Person

Apart from gaining new experiences and knowledge about many cultures, by traveling we can also become adaptable people. Yes, always seeing new things and meeting various types of people certainly trains us to adapt easily.

3. Relieves stress

This traveling activity can certainly help us relieve stress, of course. There are many places that you will visit, both the environment and the surrounding nature that can make us feel relaxed. Interaction with various humans can also make us gain new experiences and knowledge, thereby opening our minds even wider.

4. Get Inspiration

Inspiration can come at any time, especially when you are on a journey by seeing a new environment. And this activity can be a new inspiration for you.

5. Increase Confidence

Going traveling alone can help us increase our self-confidence. Yes, this is because we have the courage to do new things on our own and dare to make the decisions we make. So, this can build your self-confidence.

6. Get New Friends

And the last benefit of traveling is that it can make us get lots of new friends. Yes, those of you who travel to various places will definitely get new experiences and friends, of course.


That is the meaning of traveling that you can know and understand. Not only knowing the meaning of traveling, you can also find out the benefits of traveling and the difference between it and a holiday.

Hopefully this article is useful, and if you still have questions, please leave a question in the comments column.

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