9 Important Tips for Beginners Who Want to Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad and being able to visit the country you’ve always dreamed of makes you nervous. Plus, the happy news about several countries that are already open-border for foreign tourists certainly makes you want to make it happen even more.

Here are 9 Important Tips for Beginners Who Want to Travel Abroad:

So, for those of you who want to travel abroad, but are still confused about where to start.

See, some useful tips for beginners. Hopefully the information below can make your trip safer and more comfortable. Come on, check it out!


Before looking for flight tickets and accommodation, the very first thing that SobiPegi must prepare is important travel supporting documents. So, what are these documents about? SobiPegi needs to prepare ID cards, passports, visas, and driving licenses (SIM) if needed.

However, find out in advance whether the country you want to visit needs to include a visa or not. Because, fyi there are several countries that allow Indonesians to enter their country without the need to apply for a visa. For example Singapore, Maldives and Malaysia.

Oh yes, if SobiPegi doesn’t have a passport, then you can arrange for a passport at least 3 months before departure, okay. Likewise with visas, don’t apply for a visa too close to the departure schedule so you’re not in a hurry. It’s really a hassle if the visa and passport end up after the scheduled departure, right or not?


Now, after the travel documents are complete and safe, then SobiPegi can proceed to the next stage, namely ordering flight tickets and accommodation. Oh yes, sometimes in some countries the immigration party asks about accommodation. Hence, determine lodging very well. So, to get airplane tickets and lodging at economical prices, SobiPegi needs to book tickets in advance. Or, you can often check promo deals from travel agents.

This can be done so that you can quickly get the latest information about hotel promos and flight tickets. It’s very easy for those who want to get low prices, especially for those of you who are planning to backpack, because for most travelers the ticket price is one of the important aspects to consider.


Because the times are sophisticated and fast-paced, this certainly makes it easier for SobiPegi to find complete information about the destination to be addressed via the Internet. In-depth research on the list of tourist destinations to be visited must be carried out. Starting from the price of admission, the distance traveled from the hotel, and transportation options. This is done so that you are not confused and of course it makes it easier when traveling.

Apart from that, if SobiPegi is still unsure about which destination country to visit, all you can do is ask yourself. For example, what kind of country do you want SobiPegi to go to, close to Indonesia or vice versa? What kind of tourist destination do you prefer? Want a culinary tour, relaxing on the beach, or hiking? These questions will be very helpful in determining your destination and your traveling interests!


The first thing you can do is exchange local money into the currency of the destination country. How to do it? SobiPegi can come to banks that accept foreign money exchange services. Keep in mind, bring cash only as needed, okay!

So, the rest of the money can be kept at the SobiPegi ATM so that when the cash runs out, you can withdraw cash. How do you withdraw cash overseas? Summarized from Kompas.com, first find out the ATMs of several overseas banks that work with Bank Indonesia (BI) such as ATMs bearing the MasterCard, Visa, Plus, Cirrus, ATM Bersama, and Prima logos.


There are many ways that SobiPegi can do it so you can keep updating feeds on social media, really! First, you can find out which local sim cards support roaming services abroad. But the drawbacks of the Indonesian sim card roaming package are that the cost is quite expensive and internet access is limited. The second way that you can try is to use portable wifi.

The advantage of using this portable wifi is that it can be used for several devices at once. If SobiPegi travels together, it’s really suitable to use portable wifi. The trick, you only need to rent a portable wifi which is usually at the airport. So, you don’t need to set a sim card, just turn it on and use it right away! The last way, SobiPegi can buy a sim card in the destination country at a cheaper price.


There’s nothing wrong with learning the language of the country you want to go to. Who knows, it will help you communicate, at least learn basic communication such as asking for prices and information.

This also depends on the country you are going to, yes. If you are traveling to an English-speaking country, you only need to use English. But if you are traveling to a country where English is minimal, such as China, South Korea, and Japan, then there’s nothing wrong with learning the local language a little while carrying a pocket dictionary.


Bringing a tumbler or drinking bottle will also save you money compared to having to buy packaged drinks every time you feel thirsty. Especially for those of you who will be traveling to tropical countries or during the summer.

Fyi, in several countries there is tap water that is suitable for drinking, namely Singapore, Japan, and almost all European countries. Bringing a tumbler or drinking bottle will certainly save a lot of money. Just fill the water in the tap, deh.


Travel supporting documents such as ID cards, passports, visas, and tickets are very important. It will be very dangerous if SobiPegi loses travel supporting documents because processing these documents is complicated and takes a long time. Let alone losing without having a backup file.

Therefore, to avoid unwanted things, SobiPegi can back up important documents via cloud applications such as Google Drive. Make sure you scan all important documents, starting from stamped visas, passports, ID cards, even travel tickets.


The main application that cannot be missed is Google Maps because this application helps Sobipegi to navigate the journey while traveling. What’s more, this application can already support offline services, so when you’re lost, you don’t need to panic.

Second, a legit translator application. Even though it’s trivial, this will really help if you don’t speak the local language. Next is the Travel List application which will help you record important information. Other applications that are no less important include Like a Local, Zomato, Google Travel, and transportation applications such as Uber.


Those are nine important tips for traveling abroad for beginners.

Hopefully the information above is useful, yes.

Don’t forget to prepare everything properly and never hesitate to start.

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