5 Surefire Ways to be Able to Travel Abroad with Minimal Funds

Traveling is very useful to refresh the body and mind after every day we are busy with various activities.

After traveling, we will have new enthusiasm so we are ready to return to our routines. However, traveling is often identified with a lot of money, especially if the goal is to go on vacation abroad. In fact it is not always like that. What we need to do is carry out a number of strategies so that we can have a vacation abroad with limited funds.

Here are 5 surefire ways to be able to travel abroad with minimal funds

So, here are 5 tips and ways to be able to travel abroad even with a small amount of money

1. Determine holiday destinations and locations to be visited

Vacation destinations must certainly be adjusted to your wishes. However, this is also closely related to the costs that must be prepared. This is how we can visit destination countries at affordable costs.

– First determine the destination and how long it will be traveling

The destination and time spent on vacation will affect how much money will be spent. If you only have a little time, visit places that are not too far away like Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand because the transportation costs are certainly not too high.

If we have enough time, we can visit other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, or even to the continents of Europe, America or Africa. But of course, the costs that must be incurred are also quite a lot.

– Choose an attractive vacation spot that is rarely visited by tourists

Accommodation costs in countries that are still rarely visited by tourists can be cheaper. Likewise with the cost of eating and transportation at the place, maybe it’s not too expensive. So we can enjoy the holidays in peace because we are far from the crowds. Also, look for countries that provide lots of free tourist attractions.

2. Choose the right time to take a vacation

Peak season is the time most tourists choose to visit popular tourist spots. These times are mostly Christmas, New Years and the summer months.

This time is also associated with festivals held in several countries. For example, Brazil holds a festival held in February so that at this time there will be many tourists visiting there. The risk is that the holiday cannot be enjoyed because it is too crowded with tourists.

So it’s best to travel during low season, where not many people travel. At times like this, usually the demand for airplane tickets and hotel bookings is not high, so we can get much cheaper prices, so there is no need to rush to book accommodation and transportation without worrying about being fully booked.

Another advantage when traveling in low season is that services at airports, hotels or tourist attractions are better when compared to peak season. This is because the number of tourists is less. The atmosphere at the destination is also not too crowded so we can vacation comfortably.

3. Tips for saving for the holidays

We might like to think that with a mediocre income, it would be impossible to go on holiday abroad. Even though with a little effort, we can get funds for the holidays.

– Make a list of expenses and funds for the holidays

Try to try to save from existing income. Make a list of fixed expenses that are routinely issued each month. Then determine the costs that must be incurred for traveling.

– Make savings

Then make a savings plan by eliminating or reducing unnecessary costs. For example, by reducing the habit of drinking coffee at cafes or eating at restaurants, reducing the ration for buying clothes, and so on.

– Create a special account

If necessary, we can create a special account for holidays. Transfer money regularly from the main account to this account. The amount is up to you, the important thing is that you can reach the amount needed for traveling. Make sure this account is for savings only, so there’s no need to create an ATM or debit card.

– Implement savings goals

The last step may not always be easy to do. We must carry out this commitment with discipline. Monitor the progress of your vacation savings each month and check your budget for adjustments where possible. Enjoy this process and always remember what our goal is to save.

4. Tips for hunting cheap tickets

Travel costs are a fairly draining component of spending. The trick that can be done is to look for cheap airline tickets.

– Monitor information on cheap ticket promos

Follow social media accounts or subscribe to airline or travel agency newsletters to get this information. To subscribe to the newsletter, you can register as a member.

– Book flight tickets outside of holiday time

Take advantage of the low season or weekdays to order tickets. Prices are lower than during peak season or weekends, as there are not many people traveling. Ordering plane tickets in advance is also the right way, because the prices are much cheaper than if you order before the day of departure.

– Visit travel fairs

If there is a travel fair, don’t be lazy to visit, we need to know about travel fairs that are often held. In this event, many airlines participate and provide discounts and promotions for certain routes.

– Use comparison sites

Take advantage of flight price comparison websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak or Vayama. From these sites, we can also compare the prices of these airlines. In addition, also take advantage of sites that have the facility to compare cheap airline ticket prices from travel agents.

5. Tips for finding affordable lodging

After airplane tickets, lodging is the next component of traveling which is also quite draining. How to find affordable lodging is similar to looking for cheap airline tickets.

– Monitor information on cheap lodging tickets

We can find out the promotional prices for cheap hotels through hotel and travel agent social media accounts, or by subscribing to newsletters.

– Visit travel fairs

Travel fairs are also attended by many travel agents. we can get discounts and hotel price promotions from the exhibitors.

– Use comparison sites

Also take advantage of price comparison web sites for hotel rates. Compare prices on 3-4 comparison sites. After determining the hotel that feels right, look again at the hotel site to see if the price is the same.

– Read visitor reviews

Visit travel sites such as Trip Advisor, to find lodging at affordable prices. Read reviews from previous customers, then compare the reviews on the Hostel Bookers site. Many inns write fake reviews and do not match reality. If you have found a suitable inn, visit the inn’s official website.

– Order during low season

Booking lodging during low season can also make us save. Because in the season when people travel, lodging will charge high prices up to two times.

– Stay in cheap inns

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a hostel when traveling. The rental price is affordable, but we must be prepared to sleep with other tourists in one room. But some hostels also provide single rooms, with shared bathrooms.


Those are the 5 surefire ways to be able to travel abroad with minimal funds.

Hopefully this article is useful and you can travel abroad even if you have little funds by applying the 5 tips and methods above.

So, if you still have questions, please leave a question in the comments column.

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