Want to Try the Sensation of Solo Traveling Abroad? Check Out the 8 Tips First!

Solo traveling abroad? Wow, looks like fun and challenging! However, it’s undeniable that if you’ve never done this before, there’s bound to be some trepidation.

Starting from having thoughts what if you get lost, afraid of something happening on the road and no friends, to fear of being lonely because there are no friends to talk to on the way. Correct?

Actually, solo traveling abroad has a different sensation and is no less unique than a group vacation.

By traveling solo abroad, you can arrange your own vacation itinerary as you wish. Besides that, you can also be more relaxed, plus find lots of inspiration!

Here are 8 Tips for Solo Traveling Abroad, to Make You More Brave

So, if you have the intention to do solo traveling abroad, you can really try to make it happen. Previously, take a look at 8 safe solo traveling tips for those of you who are traveling alone abroad for the first time. Anything?

1. Prepare Transportation and Place to Stay

This is the first tip, t-mates. Because you want to do solo traveling, of course you have to be many times more careful about lodging and transportation for your trip later.

Don’t forget to open the internet to find information on various hotel options that can be tailored to your needs. Check the facilities, services, and places closest to the hotel that you will order as a place to stay.

Apart from hotels, you also have to check transportation if you want to travel solo, t-mates. The transportation here is not just airplane tickets to get to your destination country, but also checking the transportation that you will use to go to various places that you want after arriving in your destination country later.

Don’t forget, because you are traveling alone, you also have to anticipate crime or other things that are not desirable in the mode of public transportation that you will use to get around later.

2. Determine the Itinerary and Financial Planning

Before deciding to do solo traveling, you should find out which destination options you can visit in your destination country.

This will anticipate if you have no idea where to go. Understandably, if you are traveling alone, you don’t have friends to share travel ideas with. Take advantage of the internet to find information about interesting places in your destination country.

In addition to determining travel plans, solo traveling tips that you shouldn’t miss are financial planning, aka a vacation budget. Don’t let you run out of money when traveling solo abroad, t-mates.

3. Neat & Concise Packing of Necessary Items

Carrying a lot of stuff will not only burden your luggage, but will also make it difficult for you when you are in your destination country later.

Especially if you have plans to move between hotels. Wow, it’s definitely going to be a lot of trouble to bring lots of stuff. So, just bring enough stuff and don’t forget to pack your stuff neatly and concisely so that your movement is much freer.

Don’t forget to prepare all the documents you need to visit the destination country. It’s best if you also make copies of all your important documents in case something unexpected happens.

4. Don’t act like a solo traveler in the destination country

These are tips for solo traveling abroad which are also very important, t-mates. There are times in the movies, you see people who are traveling solo will check a map on the side of the road because they don’t know where to go.

Actually, this could be dangerous, t-mates. We don’t know that around us there might be bad people who want to take advantage of the confusion of tourists to their advantage.

To be safer, make sure you know the direction while walking around the city, and can use a smartphone when you start to get confused. Of course, you have to look confident, right, t-mates!

5. Keep Smartphone Battery Power Alive

When traveling solo abroad, suddenly your smartphone turns off. Ouch! Must be a really bad dream right? Don’t let your smartphone battery run out when you’re traveling alone.

You have to remember this one tip, t-mates. Don’t let when you need it, your smartphone turns off completely. If something happens and you can’t contact the hotel or contact the emergency contact number, it could be serious, right? Powerbank can be a solution too!

6. Don’t carelessly ask strangers to take photos

Since you are traveling alone, it is not impossible if you also want to be photographed so that the moments of your trip can become beautiful memories to remember. However, you need to be careful when asking other people to take a photo of you.

Don’t ask people who are in a hurry, are busy, or who seem to be in a bad mood. Approach people who seem like they can be asked for help with a smile.

Don’t forget, prepare your camera or smartphone in ready-to-photo mode so you can just check. If so, thank you is what you must say. Maybe you can pronounce it in the native language of that country.

7. Prepare the Best Physical and Mental Conditions when Solo Traveling

Excellent physical condition is of course needed if you want to solo traveling abroad. That’s why, don’t forget to get enough rest and eat nutritious food so that energy is maintained.

Apart from preparing physically, you also have to prepare mentally to explore the destination country alone. Don’t look like someone is worried or scared. You have to step steadily to the places you want.

8. Know the Latest Conditions to Fly to the Destination Country

In a pandemic like today, it’s a good idea to know in full what conditions need to be completed to be able to visit a country. Several countries will ask for vaccine requirements, independent isolation upon arrival, and so on.

Let’s Find New Experiences with Solo Traveling

Those were solo traveling tips that you can apply. Well, now you must be really ready to go on vacation to the country of your dreams.

Hopefully this article is useful, and if you still have questions, please leave a question in the comments column.

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