Cheap Traveling Tips for Backpackers

Both young and old dates now have little effect on the desire to travel. Because you don’t always need a lot of funds to go, you just need enough funds. Sufficient funds are funds that are in accordance with our traveling style and of course not wasteful in their use.

Traveling by choosing a cheap way is a choice, especially for some circles, cheap traveling can be called a lifestyle. Because traveling doesn’t always have to go far, you don’t have to sleep in a hotel, you don’t have to bring souvenirs, or you don’t have to eat expensive special culinary delights. Just like backpackers do.

The basic concept of backpacking-style traveling, in my opinion, always pays attention to a few things:

Any transportation is important to arrive, sleeping anywhere is important to be braked, drinking anything is important to be thirsty, eating whatever is important is full, whatever clothes are important to be polite.

To fulfill these 5 concepts you can follow the following tips:

1. Look for Friends When Traveling

Going with friends is the easiest way to share the funds that come out during a trip. Funds that can be divided into two are, for example, renting accommodation, renting motorbikes, or having lunch with a different menu so we can taste each other.

2. Contact Acquaintance

Having friends in various cities is a gift for backpackers. Call them to just get picked up from the station or get a place to stay free for a while. If they haven’t been able to help with their traveling activities, take the time to visit their house or meet at a coffee shop, maybe next time you will be given a lift.

3. Choose Cheap Lodging

If you have to stay at an inn, look for something cheap and safe, or an inn that is specifically for bakcpackers, such as one room with 8 beds. Forget supporting facilities such as television or swimming pools. Because all you need is sleep and recharge your various electronic equipment. Maybe you can also try free lodging for backpackers in Malang City.

4. Choose the Right Time and Place to Eat

Meal times are important when it comes to dining expenses while traveling. Try pushing breakfast back to get closer to lunch time. So you can save on food funds that day.

Buy less snacks, because the accumulated funds to buy snacks can be more expensive than buying one plate of nasi rames. The most economical places to eat are simple stalls that we can easily find on the side of the road. Hot food and a variety of side dishes that we can take ourselves are a blessing for a bakcpacker who wants to save on his travel expenses.

5. Avoid Traveling on Weekends

Weekends will increase the price of certain transportation tickets and some hotel room rental prices. The most obvious on weekends is the number of visitors at a location will make you feel that you are not the only one picnicking on that day.

6. Surveys

Doing a data search before heading to a location is very important to be able to get an activity plan and an estimate of the funds spent. You can also look for a location that is adjusted to the availability of your funds for traveling at that time.

7. Make a Plan

Plans are important in a trip. Do not let you run out of funds while in the middle of traveling. The plan will force you to follow the list of activities that you have compiled. A good plan will keep your spending on your trip under control.

8. Record expenses

Bring a small notebook to record any expenses you have incurred. It aims to tell yourself whether you are wasteful or too frugal.

9. Bring Change

Coins are very useful when you are traveling, at least to pay for the toilet or help the cashier of a shop that has run out of coins. Try to collect coins in your room at this time, count them.

10. Bring Your Own Drink and Food

Bringing your own drinks and food besides being more sure of cleanliness, will also prevent you from the high prices of food and drinks while at tourist sites. Bringing your own water bottle will also allow you to refill drinking water during the trip.

11. Go Alone, Use Less Travel Agents

This is the use of surveys and making travel plans, you will feel able to manage all your traveling needs without the help of a travel agent. Travel agents do take advantage of the services offered because it makes it easier for us not to feel overwhelmed when it comes to traveling. Traveling without a travel agent will also give you flexibility in terms of time and activities that suit you.

12. Night Journey

This is one way to reduce lodging rental funds. A night trip will have you staying overnight on a running bus. Therefore, make sure you feel comfortable when sleeping on the bus, so that when you arrive at your destination city terminal, there is no such thing as sleepiness.

13. Shopping as the last List of Activities

Shopping is one of the activities that will drain your funds when traveling, but when you have extra funds and you think you have enough, then shopping can be an activity that will close your trip with memories. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs for those who are waiting for your return.


So, that’s for cheap traveling tips for backpackers.

Hopefully this article is useful and if you still have questions, you can leave a question in the comments column.

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