Travel Tips for Long Trips and the Best Guide before Traveling

Tips for Traveling Long trips domestically and abroad, here we will give special tips for long trips when you travel around Indonesia Tourism.

Previously, let’s get brief information about our country, Indonesia. Indonesia is a very popular country in Southeast Asia, an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands.

Indonesia is also the fourth most populous country in the world, and has the largest population of Muslims in the world.

The Best Guide Before Traveling

At this time, we will explain how to Travel Long Trip Tips and prepare everything before and when visiting tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Tips for Traveling Long Trips and guides that you need to pay attention to before going on vacation. Traveler Do you agree, if vacation can always be the word that makes people feel “happy” the most, even just by imagining it.

However, holidays can also be “unpleasant”, especially when the holidays are not well planned.

Before traveling to a tourist destination in Indonesia, try to do this basic thing “know and research your destination”. Start by researching the area or destination you are going to visit.

This research can be done through a manual map or GPS if you have a map it will be better or you can also discuss it with friends who have visited these tourist attractions.

Also in Tips for Traveling Long trips, you can look for information on Wikipedia, Wikitravel or social media for location information, traveling forums, history, roads and conditions of these tourist attractions.

Tips for Traveling Long Trips

Here are 16 tips that you can try when you want to travel long distances, namely

1. Gather Information

You must collect as much information about destinations as possible regarding Indonesian tourist destinations. Is the area is hills, mountains, or the beach. Don’t get the wrong costume or be confused with the weather when traveling, plan accordingly, the time and purpose of your trip that you want to achieve.

2. Local Wisdom

Why not get to know the customs or culture of the place you are going to visit? Because it will really help adapt and interact with the local community, of course. By interacting well, of course, it will make it easier for you to establish your communication with them, right?

For example, try to get to know the local language such as;

Welcome = “rahajeng rauh” (Balinese)

Excuse me = “tabe”, Tabe gula = good morning, Tabe wie = good night (Manggarai NTT)

Sorry = “punten dalem sewu” (Central Java)

Father / Mother = “pace / mace (Papua – Irian Jaya) and many more

3. Make sure the travel budget

This is the first and most crucial thing that must be considered, calculated, and prepared before you go on vacation. Be wise in managing your budget while on vacation. Make sure the budget you have is able to finance from pre-holiday to post-holiday.

Never go on vacation with a budget that is too tight, because you will never know what possibilities will occur when you are on vacation or unexpected costs.

4. Make an itinerary (travel schedule)

Start making your itinerary program. Understand which places you will be visiting.

Don’t let any good places be overlooked or spend too much time in one place so you don’t have time to explore the area.

5. Pay attention to the weather at the location of the visit

You can estimate how much clothing or equipment to prepare and bring.

Even though our BMG can’t guarantee the weather in Indonesia, at least you get forecasts for the weather in these tips for traveling long trips.

6. Make a list of important documents

What to bring For example KTP, important telephone numbers, ATMs and other important documents.

7. Make a reservation

Reservation of hotels, vehicles, crossings, tourist activities, inter-regional buses, tourist attractions, rental car transportation, motorbike rental, trains or flights in advance. Besides maybe being cheaper, it also avoids running out of tickets.

8. Cash & Credit Card

Double check your credit card and your cash, if possible ask for a credit increase or create a new credit card that can be accepted in many places.

Check the validity. Carrying an ATM is considered safer than carrying excessive cash. Also check the expiration date of your driving license.

Extending a SIM only takes a few hours. So, if necessary, set aside time to extend it (if you are traveling using a private vehicle).

9. Make sure the luggage

Ensuring completeness of luggage, when traveling long distances, of course you have to bring a lot of goods and equipment such as clothing, food and medicines and so on.

So, even these long trip travel tips are to make sure all of these items are packed properly in the bag that will be carried while traveling.

Make a note of what items you will bring with you? this is useful for those of you who travel long distances with children or babies.

10. Check Transportation Preparation

Prepare for transportation carefully. If you are using a private car, don’t forget to check all parts of the car.

11. Drink Lots of Water

I remember my grandmother used to encourage us to drink lots of water on outings. For this reason, in Tips for Traveling on Long Trips, I suggest always having a bottle of mineral water ready and drinking it as often as possible while traveling.

It is very good for health to increase the consumption of mineral water at least 2 days before going on a long trip.

Also drink warm ginger, because the content of ginger is very good for the stomach, prevents colds and reduces irritation of the intestinal wall. Travel sickness is closely related to the stomach, not due to dizziness.

12. Maintain Diet

Reduce consuming foods that contain lots of salt before traveling, because the salt content is able to store water levels in the body.

If the trip is long and you sit too much, your feet will swell because of the large amount of water that is caused by the salt. You will also go back and forth to the toilet more often to urinate.

13. Vitamins and Supplements

Take regular vitamins because the length of the trip and the weather can affect your health condition.

14. Get enough rest

Try to sleep at least 6 hours before leaving. It is also highly recommended to sleep for at least 6 hours after arriving at your destination. If possible get up in the morning. The morning sun will really help relieve travel fatigue.

15. Lots of Motion

Lots of moving while waiting for departure either at the station, terminal or in the waiting room. Try to walk slowly and move around the waiting area a lot. This will help relax your muscles.

16. Prayer Before Traveling

And one thing that should not be forgotten Always pray according to each religion and belief before the trip, as well as during the trip.

Conclusion and Closing

Thus the information on tips for traveling long trips and the best guide before traveling that we offer for travelers, we hope that this information will provide good benefits for travelers who want to explore all tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Hopefully this article is useful, if you still have questions, please leave a question in the comments column.

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