First Time on Holiday Abroad? These 8 Tips Can Save Your Budget

In this sophisticated era, going on vacation abroad is not impossible for everyone. Even vacations abroad are no longer considered luxurious and can only be done by wealthy people.

Maybe you think that traveling abroad is difficult because of the high costs and the process of getting documents that take a very long time. What’s more, if you have to go through the services of a travel agent to take care of all your traveling needs starting from documents, flight bookings, hotel rooms, and other needs which are of course very expensive.

For those who have experienced traveling abroad, of course this is something that is commonplace, but for those who just want to take a vacation abroad, if they imagine the process and the huge costs that must be incurred, of course the intention to take a vacation abroad will just disappear.

So, for those of you who are traveling abroad for the first time, here are some frugal tips for traveling abroad.

First Time on Holiday Abroad? These 8 Tips Can Save Your Budget

This is 8 tips can you to do for save your budget on holiday abroad:

1. Choose a visa-free country

A visa is one thing that costs quite a lot of money and the process takes a long time, moreover, there are many conditions that you must meet so that the visa application for your destination country is passed.

For those of you who don’t want to bother with visas and of course want to save costs, choose a visa-free country for your vacation destination. You can vacation in Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, India, Tanzania, ASEAN countries, and of course there are many more countries that free visas.

2. Hunt for cheap airplane ticket and hotel promos

Airfare and lodging costs are the main things that drain funds. To work around this you can choose night flights and low-cost airlines such as AirAsia, Lion Air, a Norwegian Air, and so on.

To save even more, you can hunt for airplane ticket promos and hotel discounts which you can easily do via your smartphone with a variety of applications available in this digital era. In addition, as much as possible, choose a hotel that is close enough to the tourist object that you will visit.

3. Prepare local cash for the destination country

Before traveling abroad, you must exchange your rupiah for the currency of the country that will be your vacation destination. Preparing cash is of course important to support your needs while abroad and also anticipate if there are not many ATM machines around your destination.

4. Mastering the basics of English

As an international language, mastering the basics of English is very important. When you travel to any country, communication is something that cannot be left behind, especially if you are in an urgent situation, such as asking for the address of a place, or asking for other assistance.

If you already master English, you no longer need to learn the language of every country you will visit, and more importantly, you don’t need to hire the services of a tour guide, of course.

5. Utilize public transportation

When you are on vacation abroad, try to take advantage of public transportation instead of using transportation services provided by hotels or taxis. This of course will help cut some of your expenses, because public transportation has cheaper fares. Apart from that, you can also interact directly with the locals and of course have a different experience.

Before leaving for the destination country, it’s a good idea to collect information about the type of transportation to be used, prices, payment methods, schedules, routes, and so on.

6. Choose a free tourist spot

The next tip for minimizing expenses is to choose tourist attractions that are free of entry tickets. Maybe some of you think that tourist spots like this are definitely not beautiful places to visit or even this is impossible. In today’s sophisticated era, almost nothing is impossible to do.

You can search for free tourist attractions in the country you visit with the help of a search engine like Google. To make it easier to find free tourist attractions, you can choose to take a vacation to a country that has a cheap exchange rate. If something is free, why should you choose a paid one?

7. Create an itinerary

It is important for those of you who want to travel cheaply abroad to make an itinerary. What’s the itinerary? itinerary is a list of activities as well as estimated expenses during the trip. This itinerary includes a list of destinations, accommodation, transportation, daily schedules during the holidays, to shopping for souvenirs.

Therefore, in this sophisticated era, it is very easy for us to find various information regarding the countries we are going to visit, so that it is easier for us to make an itinerary and adjust the budget that you have prepared. For those of you who are on vacation abroad for the first time and are still confused about making an itinerary, you can download several itineraries on the internet uploaded by travelers that you can use as a reference.

8. Choose the right contents of the suitcase

After determining the departure schedule and destination country, now is the time to prepare the contents of your suitcase. Arranging the contents of the suitcase is also very influential for saving your budget when going abroad, you know. Before putting your clothes in your suitcase, first find out what season is currently taking place in the country you are going to so you can determine the type of clothing you can wear during your vacation.

Apart from clothes, bringing instant noodles from Indonesia is also highly recommended to save more on your budget and avoid eating at restaurants or cafes which tend to make your funds swell. When going abroad, try not to bring too much stuff, adjust it as much as possible with the free baggage provided by the airline.

Bring comfortable shoes to use in all terrain and minimal make-up equipment. And what you shouldn’t forget is to bring a universal charger that can be used throughout the country.


So, those are the 8 tips that can save you a budget when you are on vacation abroad for the first time.

Hopefully this is useful, and if you have questions, please leave a question in the comments column.

Apart from that, hopefully you can also travel abroad according to the place you want.

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