Proven! These 9 Practical Ways to Reduce Budget Traveling

Very often, yes, we are told to have a picnic when we are starting to get confused with the routine. It’s been proven, having a picnic or going for a walk can make us refresh and get back in the spirit of facing a new day at the office, campus, and at home.

However, unfortunately with big daily demands, we can get stressed quickly. Sometimes the holidays aren’t over yet, but we’re already worried because we have to go back to “real” life. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to have planned our next vacation while still on vacation.

But, if we go on holiday, we might have a hole in our pocket. Heavy on the fare. Don’t worry just yet, there are many things we can do so that the holidays go on and are comfortable in the pocket.

These 9 Practical Ways to Reduce Budget Traveling

Here are 9 tips on practical ways that can reduce your traveling budget

1. Couchsurfing, An Alternative Stay

Rest is an obligation. For this one, we usually trick them into staying at dormitory hostels for backpackers. The price is indeed cheap, but if we stay for days, the accumulation of prices will also be large.

Why not try joining a hospitality community like Couchsurfing? Each member of this community can stay overnight and be accommodated by other members free of charge. Even more fun, with Couchsurfing we can learn a lot about the areas we visit from the eyes of local people.

Indeed, there is no cost when we stay, but there is nothing wrong if we also bring souvenirs for the hosts we are traveling with.

2. Travel at Night to Save on Lodging

Still connected with the first point, in order to avoid paying for lodging, we can travel at night, especially for long trips or between cities. In this way, we not only save costs because we can sleep in the vehicle we are traveling in.

3. Don’t Travel Before Complete Research

Before traveling, it’s a good idea to know what places you will see along with the distance and how to get there. Then arrange an itinerary to visit nearby places in one day. Psst.. also research the normal prices in the places you are going to visit for weapons to ward off scams or fraud.

4. Say No to Souvenirs

We haven’t even left for traveling yet, it’s not uncommon for us to be held up by souvenirs. If it’s like this we have to be firm to say “sorry, no souvenirs okay!”

However, if you really want to buy souvenirs as a memento, you can buy them some distance from the tourist sites. Of course, the price is cheaper.

5. Bring Your Own Drinking Bottle

Instead of always buying bottled water, why don’t you bring a bottle that you can fill with water where you stay. Not only do you save money, but you also contribute to reducing plastic packaging waste.

6. Arm yourself with travel insurance

As good as the planning you have made, sometimes bad luck will come. Travel insurance will give you peace of mind.

Buy insurance that suits your needs. Look for one that can cover the costs of accidents, flight delays, luggage damage, and so on.

7. Explore Points of Interest on Foot

Using public transportation is economical, but walking is cheaper. Besides saving costs, you can also be closer to the places you visit. You can smell the aroma around you, hear the noise or silence, you can also interact with local people.

8. Join Open Trip, Solution to Reduce Expenses

Open trip carries the concept of sharing costs among the trip participants. Everything is divided equally, starting from the cost of accommodation, consumption, and transportation. And for sure, the more the merrier, your traveling experience will be more colorful because you are traveling together.

9. Create a Daily Budget and Priority Scale

You have to make sure how much budget you have for traveling. From the available amount, make a daily budget and stick to it. If in a day your budget is tight, you must immediately put the brakes on spending so you don’t concede.

You also have to be able to determine spending priorities. For example, if you are a foodie, increase your food budget and reduce your transportation or accommodation budget. Vice versa.

Conclusion and Closing

Well, that’s for 9 practical ways that can reduce the traveling budget.

How, easy right? Please try so that your traveling stays comfortable in your pocket.

But don’t forget to always have a reserve fund ready. Happy traveling!

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